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MLtek Teams up with Taiwanese Distributor Solkenix...

After many weeks of work by all the parties involved we are delighted to announce that we have just released the first multi-lingual version of Archive Manager!

The release is being tested by a group of early adopters and it will be available for download shortly (as version 3.421).

For a long time now the file archiving engine has happily supported nearly every single character set in the known world as far as file systems go, but the UI and associated documentation were only available in English. Archive Manager is now not only available in an English UI, but also Chinese Simplified and Traditional! Simply install the software and the UI will flip to whatever the local systems language is set to.

All of the documentation and user guides are also available in Chinese Simplified and Traditional.

What's more, after a joint venture resulted in winning a contract for a new Live Broadcast Suite for Tainan City Council in Taiwan we have partnered with Solkenix as our Taiwanese and Pacfic Region Software Reseller and Disrtributor.

Any customers who would prefer to deal with a local reseller who can provide not only pricing and support but also installation services and deployment expertise should feel free to contact them directly.

- Mark Laverty ( )

Softsland Award Daolnwod Award Freeware Shareware Center Award RByest Award Soft2have Award

Ultimate Monitor Becomes 'IP Spider'

For the past 18 Months we have been working on a new project, now affectionately known as 'IP Spider'.

The goal sounded simple.. create a monitoring solution which could intelligently monitor large scale WAN networks (including connectivity over the Internet) and not just the end IP addresses, but all the hops in between.

That was very interesting to do and it took us just a few months to build a prototype. It did what we wanted and included things like email alerts, dependencies and all the things you would expect.Then we took it further...

Whilst sat there watching the code scroll by in the debugging window we had an idea.. What if we actually tracked the routes to and from each node? What if we spotted changes in the routes? What if we made it capable of spotting which device in the route to a node had actually gone down if a node became un-reachable e.g. was it the Node or was it a hop on the way to the node that had failed? What if we then figured out who owned the failed IP address and sent the end user contact details for the organisation? What if we included a graphical API which plotted each IP address and hop geographically on an interactive Map? What if we made it capable of tracking hundreds if not thousands of IP addresses and routes at the same time, and what it we wrote it so that it could check the status of each and every IP address once a second?

Well that took a while, but it's finally up and running. We have a prototype up and running as I type this, currently monitoring over 100 IP addresses, the routes to them and it's doing it every second. Formerly we refered to the project as 'Ultimate Monitor'. But after seeing the prototype up and running and what it is capable of we have decided to re-brand it 'IP Spider'. More updates will follow in the coming months, and we hope to have a build ready for public release in 2017.

- Mark Laverty ( )