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Release notes for Archive Manager

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Full release notes for each Archive Manager build since v3.0

To assist our customers better we will be including release notes for the most recent versions of Archive Manager on this page for easy centralized reference.

Version 3.x

Version 3.446 *CRITICAL UPDATE* (26/04/2017)

1) Fixes a potential issue with open file handles on large archives once the software has been running for an extended period.

Version 3.445 (07/04/2017)

1) Several UI tweaks and small fixes.

Version 3.444 (25/03/2017)

1) Limited release.

Version 3.443 (14/03/2017)

1) Improved the handling of .pif files.
2) Added extra logic to work around a shortcut already existing when one is created.
3) Added exclusions for "\$RECYCLE.BIN\" and "\RECYCLER\".

Version 3.442 (07/03/2017)

1) Improved the handling of .Cab files
2) Added a default exclusion for "\$Recycle.bin\"

Version 3.441 (04/03/2017)

1) Several minor changes and the deployment of a new licencing engine that supports subscription based licences.

Version 3.440 (20/02/2017)

1) Fixed an issue with the 'New Archive Job' wizard that could result in destination paths not being properly calculated.

Version 3.439 (16/02/2017)

1) Changed the logic used to apply exclusions to include the ability to exclude files as well as folders.

Version 3.438 (09/02/2017)

1) Ammended the maintenance job logic so that files users accidently create in archive storage will be returned to the live file system instead of being treated as an archived file.

Version 3.437 (07/02/2017)

1) Fixed an issue that occures when archiving .com and DOS based .exe files.

Version 3.436 (04/02/2017)

1) Fixed an issue that occures when archiving .com and DOS based .exe files.

Version 3.435 (30/01/2017)

1) Enhanced the self healing logic in the maintenance job.

Version 3.434 (12/01/2017)

1) Fixed an issue that could cause shortcuts to not create properly on Windows 2012 R2, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
2) Adding self healing logic to the maintenence job. It can now detect and automatically repair corrupt shortcuts pointing to archive document storage.

Version 3.433 (03/01/2017)

1) Full code signing introduced
2) Minor changes to the reporting UI.

Version 3.432 (20/12/2016)

1) Significant reduction in the Reporting Services CPU usage
2) Re-packaged install routine and signed assemblies to reduce AV false positives.

Version 3.431 (12/12/2016)

1) Changes made to the installation routine to better handle situations where SQL Express hasn't been installed when the Archive Manager installation routine is run.

Version 3.430 (03/12/2016)

1) Complete re-write of all Symbolic Link functionality. Adresses issues with timestamps not being displayed on file system Symbolic Links as well as other minor issues.

Version 3.429 (30/11/2016)

1) Added an option to the maintenance options screen to choose if last accessed or last modified date should be used when working out if a file has been used by an end user and if it should subsequently be returned.

Version 3.428 (11/11/2016)

1) Fixed an issue with Hard Link creation on a small number of systems..

Version 3.427

1) Improved compatibility with Windows 2012 file De-Duplication. De-Duplicated files will now be processed as normal files, rather than being skipped.

2) Set the Maintenance Job to re-create missing links\shortcuts by default. Also provided the option of instead setting the maintenance job to delete archived files when their links\shortcuts cannot be located.

Version 3.426 (17/10/2016)

1) Set Maintenance Job to use last accessed date instead of last modified when assessing files for return to the live file system. Also added a registry key that can be used to revert back to the previous behaviour.

Version 3.425 (24/09/2016)

1) Removed the block on archiving from hidden shares and replaced it with a warning message.

Version 3.423 (20/05/2016)

1) Fixed an issue with shortcut based links on Windows 2012, 2008 and 2003.

Version 3.422 (03/02/2016)

1) Fix deployed for the DB setup part of the install routine. On non-English or Chinese Versions of the installation the routine would crash with an error referencing 'BUILTIN\Users'.

Version 3.421 (10/06/2016)

1) Native Chinese UI.

Version 3.420 (05/09/2015)

1) Added supoort for a new Registry key called "MaxErrors". This lets you alter the number of errors jobs will tolerate before exiting. Please contact before using this new feature.

Version 3.419 (25/02/2015)

1) Additional logic revising the way long and short paths are handled

Version 3.418

1) Added logic to restrict the use of Long Path syntax on Hard Links to only files with long paths.

Version 3.417

1) Significant changes to the Archiving Engine to provide very long path support (up to 32,000 characters) for Copy jobs, Move jobs and jobs using Seamless\Hard Links.
2) Additional functionality added to the Maintenance Job in support of very long path functionality

3) Additional functionality added to the Migration Utility in support of very long path functionality

Version 3.416

1) Improvements made to the 'Migrate Archive Files' utility, fixed an issue where a job could complete but the log would be empty.

Version 3.414

1) Logging enhanced for the Migrate Archive Files utility.

Version 3.413

1) Change made to the behavior of the maintenance job. Instead of purging files whose links/shortcuts cannot be located, the shortcuts will now be re-created.
2) Extra checks added to archive jobs when creating hard links.

Version 3.412

1) Fixed a bug in the test run function which could cause it to not run as expected.

Version 3.411

1) Minimum requirement for SQL is now 2008 R2 Express for new users. This does not affect existing users.

Version 3.410

1)Fixed and issue which could cause a corruption of saved archived paths upon server reboot.

Version 3.409

1)Fix a bug when removing job specific exclusions.

Version 3.408

1)Minor change to the UI.

Version 3.407

1)Fixed an issue which could cause an access denied messaged to be encountered when archiving certain types of files.

Version 3.406

1) Fixed a bug which prevented the removal of a notification email address from a graveyard job.

Version 3.405

1) Minor changes to the UI
2) Added extra debugging code to diagnose an issue with Graveyard jobs

Version 3.403

1) Fixed an issue with the configuration database that could cause an exception error to be thrown when opening the UI
2) Fixed an issue with the installer that could prevent installation on some 32bit systems

Version 3.402

1) Fixed a minor bug when adding paths to the list of job sources
2) Tidied up module references
3) Removed 64bit requirement from installation package.

Version 3.401

1) Added support for multiple jobs that target the same folder(s) in the live file system.

Version 3.4

1) Numerous changes to the archiving engine including performance enhancements and extension of the log file system to support the reporting feature.
2) First release of the reporting feature.
3) Recompiled and optimized for the .Net Framework 4 and 64bit processors.


1) Added the 'Best Efforts Security' feature to extend support to NAS devices and non-windows storage systems.
2) Fixed a bug on the 'Job Specific Exclusions' window that could prevent the browse button working.
3) Revised several parts of the archiving logic to improve performance.


1) Fixed an error that could be encountered when editing a saved job.


1) Fixed an error that could be encountered when editing a saved job.


1) Added support for partial paths in both global and job specific exclusions.


1) Changed the logic that is used to migrate files as part of an archive job. Now files should retain all their attributes, included their extended ones.


1) Fixed a bug that could prevent file size criteria from applying properly during archive jobs
2) Changed the engine and UI to work with file sizes in KB instead of Bytes.

Version 3.3.9

1) Fixed an issue that could prevent the maintenance job running to completion.
2) Fix an issues that can cause an error message to be thrown when editing a scheduled job.

Version 3.3.8

1)Minor revision to the maintenance job logic.

Version 3.3.7

1) Maintenance job logic tweaked.

Version 3.3.6

1) Run now function added to the maintenance job screen.
2) Changes made to the maintenance job logs and how they are stored.
3) Maintenance job logs now viewable from the maintenance job screen.
4) Maintenance job logic significantly overhauled.

Version 3.3.5

1) Added the ability to specify file sizes when setting file archiving criteria.
2) Fixed a bug that could cause the maintenance job to fail and the AMJobEngine service to go off-line.

Version 3.3.4

1) Fixed a bug that could cause an error to be thrown when opening log files with no log file selected.

Version 3.3.3

1) Last modified and last accessed dates are persisted when files are archived.
2) Changes made to the logic in the return utility to ensure last accessed and last modified dates are persisted.

Version 3.27

1) Further enhanced the debug mode logging.
2) Changed the behavior of a job when the destination folder does not exist.

Version 3.26

1) Fixed a problem with the Close button on the Return Utility main form not working.
2) Added additional DB integrity checks on service start up.
3) Added debug logging mode.

Version 3.24

1) Added the ability to specify per job file type handling rules.
2) Added code to gracefully handle startup situations where the SQLEXPRESS service has not started in a timely fashion.
3) Various minor tweaks and code changes.

Version 3.21

1) Installation package changed to ensure it is being run with administrative rights.
2) Fixed a bug that could cause the maintenance job to terminate prematurely
3) Resolved an issue that could cause a "Mathematical Operation" error message to appear in a jobs log for every archived file.

Version 3.02

1) Several small tweaks to the archive logic.
2) Current item now displayed for each running job.

Version 3.01

1) Archive logic re-written to move files more efficiently. If you set up and run a job set to copy files (as a 'test' job) and subsequently change it to move files, the files that have already been copied will be used as a basis for the job following the change. This saves the files from being re-copied all over again.

Version 3.0

1) Initial release, significant work on the archive engine to make use of Hard Link functionality.