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Pricing and purchase information for Archive Manager

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There are several pricing options available for Archive Manager, including both subscription and perpetual licences. Some of which can provide up to 4TB of processing for under $1500!

Perpetual licences come in 3 versions, namely 'Express', 'Standard' and 'Datacenter'. They all work on a 'buy once use forever' basis and can all process an unlimited number\size of files. They do however differ in the number of scheduled jobs they support. Each installed copy of Archive Manager requires a licecne.

Express supports 1 scheduled job, Standard supports 5 and Datacenter supports an unlimited number. They come with a year's worth of support in the price, and support (including updates) can be renewed annually @20% of the list price at the time of renewal.

Perpetual licences are a great option if you have a lot of data to archive, don't mind paying a bit more up front and want low costs in years 2+.

Alternatively we also offer subscription based licences. All subscription based licences are derived from a 'Datacenter' licence, in that they support an unlimited number of scheduled jobs. Pricing is based on the ammount of data you want to move from your live file system to your archive each year in TB's.

Unlike other solutions the amount you pay for a subscription licence doesn't depend on the amount of data sitting in your archive, or even on the total size of your live file system. It is based simply on the amount of data you actually move in any given year. Based on the information below we will quote for both options, perpetual and subscription.

If you are a reseller, distributor or value added supplier please email us via with your requirements and we'll be happy to help.

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