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There are no special separate versions of Archive Manager, just one package (which ships with a trial licence) that you can download and install. Once a licecne has been purchased you can upgrade from your trial licence by simply entering your new license code. The install package can be used to both install a new copy, or upgrade an existing one as per the instructions below.

Downloads:- Version 3.x (v3.440) Install

Requirements:- Archive Manager requires the following components....


  • *Mandatory* Please read the Quick Setup  guide before you install Archive Manager.
  • *Mandatory* SQL Express 2008 R2 or later (here)
  • *Mandatory* Dot Net Framework 4.0. (please ensure ALL pending Windows Updates have been applied)
  • Crystal Reports .Net Runtime if you would like to use the reporting function (download here)


Upgrading\Updating from a previous version:--

Archive Manger is very simple to update. Just uninstall the old version answering 'Yes' to keeping the configuration database when prompted, then install the new version answering 'Yes' to using the existing configuration database when prompted.

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